What makes artificial fishing baits different?

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We at Wyze Guyz Tackle have over 30 years of fishing industry experience and one thing we know is that there are endless choices it seems when it comes to tackle. Whether this is hard baits, soft plastics, rods, reels or line to name a few, we as anglers have choices and certainly have our preferences. When we opened WGT, we wanted to take into account those preferences and choices, but also wanted to offer anglers a true value based product line.


When talking about a product’s value, one can easily assess the worth of a product by measuring its perception and acceptance from the consumer, versus the actual price of the product. We would like to think our initial product launch at Wyze Guyz Tackle provides exceptional value and here is why!

* Our baits are budget conscious, yet perform extremely well. We have launched 8 proven styles of baits at relatively low retail pricing. Our entry level price point is only $3.99!

* All our baits are proudly made right here in the USA! * We have an amazing color selection! Our 5” Stogies alone have 33 colors to choose from!

* Our baits are packaged with more baits per pack. Depending on the style of bait, most of our baits are 12 packs for $3.99 or $4.99!


We are routinely going to spotlight all our baits and their features going forward, so today we are going to give you a little insight into our Bambino swimbait. While it is a swimbait by nature, it is so much more. In freshwater, it can be used as a stand-alone bait either texas-rigged or on an exposed jighead, but also makes a great chatterbait, swim jig, spinnerbait and buzzbait trailer. In addition, you can rig this very easily on Alabama Rigs and for those of you who love the double fluke rig, have you ever tried that with two smaller swimbaits? Try it with our Bambino!


For you saltwater anglers, this is really how this bait came to be. Steve Dall, our owner, has guided fishermen most of his adult life and really wanted a saltwater inshore bait, where the client didn’t have to apply to much action to the bait. That is where the Bambino comes in. This bait’s tail is built on a slender tail extension from the main body which allows the boot tail to be constantly moving. Even when you stop reeling, the bait will drop and the tail flutters on the fall. This has proven to be a deadly retrieve for snook and redfish when skipping docks and mangroves. Simply skip it, let it fall to the bottom which is roughly a 3 count when using a ¼ ounce jighead, then in an upward motion with your rod, give it a quick twitch-twitch-pause retrieve. You will find that 90% of your bites will happen on the fall. Equally as effective is a simple straight retrieve for fish that are scattered or over grass flats and oyster bars. Simply chuck and wind and hold on!

Give the 3.75” Bambino Swimbait a try today!


The Bambino measures in at 3.75” in overall length, comes in 14 amazing fish-catching colors, come 12 to a pack for an unbelievable $3.99 a pack. That’s right, 12 baits for less than 4 bucks!

Keep America Fishing gives you – the public – a place to learn about the issues we’re facing, unite our efforts as a community, and present a strong voice. When millions of Americans come together and ask our political leaders to vote in favor of recreational fishing, they will listen.


Staying true to the preservation of our waters, 4 years ago, Keep America Fishing launched a campaign to educate anglers about the importance of properly disposing of worn out soft plastic baits. Since then, pro and recreational anglers alike have signed the Pledge and are spreading the word about keeping the places we fish clean and litter-free.


In 2017, Keep America Fishing partnered with professional bass fishing tournament trail FLW Fishing to collect and recycle baits used in their bass tournaments. The FLW Foundation will provide Pitch It bait recycling bins at every FLW tournament across five tournament circuits in 2017 and encourage competitors to use the bins and talk to fans about the importance of proper bait disposal.


At the same time, state fish and wildlife agencies are joining in and passing along information through their publications, outdoor shows, and online. With any luck, you won’t be able to miss the familiar Pitch It logo as you are out and about this year. In addition, Wyze Guyz Tackle proudly serves as a drop off station for your used plastics.

To learn more about this great program, go to . Check out what the pros are saying, share your story, and make sure you Sign the Pledge

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