What is the difference between the WGT Bada Bing! and Bada Boom! soft plastic jerkbaits?

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At Wyze Guyz, we love throwing soft plastic jerkbaits. Whether that is for snook, redfish and juvenile tarpon or for bass in thick cover, we absolutely have a passion for it, so that is why we have two different soft plastic jerkbaits in our arsenal.

The first is our Bada Bing! which measures in at just under 4 inches in overall length and is what we call a “darting” style jerkbait. If rigged texas-rigged, you will notice that this bait darts in short bursts as you twitch it. This is key when predator fish are feeding on smaller baitfish as they tend to make short movements or in “darting” motion. We like to also rig this bait on a 3/16 or ¼ ounce jig head and target cast this to cover such as mangroves or under docks. Once you cast or skip this bait to your selected structure, simply let this fall on a semi-slack line until it reaches bottom, then give it two sharp upward twitches and let it fall back down. When targeting fish on docks, this is fantastic way to get bites and you will find that 90% of your bites will happen on the fall, so keeping the fall of the bait on a semi-slack line is vital.

Our other soft plastic jerkbait is the big brother to the Bada Bing! and that is our 5” Bada Boom! This bait is entirely different obviously due to it’s size and bulkier profile, but it’s action is quite different. You almost want to rig this bait exclusively with a heavy gauge or superline style 5/0 EWG Hook or on a weighted swimbait hook of the same size. We have tried a ton of hooks on this bait from different manufacturers, but have found that the VMC 5/0 HDWG Hook and their 5/0 HDSB Hook are fantastic choices. The HDWG is a traditional wide gap hook and the HDSB incorporates a screw eye to rig into the nose of the bait. If you need some weight to get the bait a bit further down in the water column, go with VMC’s 5/0 DDW Drop Dead Weighted Hook in 1 of their 3 weight choices.


Once your Bada Boom! soft plastic jerkbait is all rigged and ready, you will notice that the weight of the bait allows you to cast it a mile. Once it lands give it a “twitch-twitch-pause” retrieve and play with the cadence of the retrieve. Once you get rather proficient with that retrieve and not rush it, you will notice that this bait has a tremendously wide swing to it, meaning the bait will glide from side to side. This is absolutely irresistible to bass and snook. Trust us!

Get your Bada Bing! and Bada Boom! Soft Plastic Jerkbaits today!

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