What is the best lure for bass fishing??

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What is the hottest fishing lure for bass? What is the best overall lure for bass?

What tough questions to answer and ones we certainly receive often! While the world of bass fishing can be a complex puzzle to figure out, there really is no one lure or bait that can do it all.

I often use the following analogy when trying to explain that to inquiring folks…..and my wife who certainly believes I don’t need as much fishing tackle as I do.

Does a mechanic or carpenter use 1 tool for every repair or project? Absolutely not.

In addition, those same mechanics or carpenters may have similar tools with little subtleties that make them better for a certain situation.

bass fishing lure

To me, that is fishing in general. Using different applications, techniques and baits specific to the conditions presented to you.

You certainly could use a hollow belly frog on top of matted hydrilla on Lake Guntersville, but what happens if there is a small cold front moving in?

Then you may be better suited to punch those very same mats of hydrilla to get a reaction bite out of a neutral feeding bass. Same location….same project…..just a different tool.

We offer 8 different styles of baits currently to fill your “tool box”. In particular, we offer 3 different sizes of our popular Stogie lineup, particularly for different applications and conditions.

Our 4” Stogie is best used when fish are neutral or finicky. Rigged wacky style of as a longer ned rig seems to be best.

bass lure

Our 5” Stogie is arguably one of the most popular styles of baits ever made, similar to the famed Yamamoto Senko. We offer this in 33 different colors and you can fish it a myriad of different ways.

Here in Florida, we love our 5” Stogies when flipping isolated buggy whips with slightly heavier tungsten weights then what the rest of the country generally uses.

A slow fall isn’t as important as getting the bait to a specific part of the dense cover. Same bait…..just a different tool.

Finally, our 6” Stogie is a bulkier and longer version of the original Stogie and comes in 7 proven fish catching colors. This bait moves a ton of water due to its bulk and is big fish producer for sure, yet still will catch numbers.


Same style of bait…..just a slight variation and different “tool”.

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