For Love of the Game...

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Why do we love this game? This crazy sport called fishing?  Henry David Thoreau famously wrote,

"Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."

Perhaps age and wisdom let us see that for its truth, but I have seen such resurgence of passionate, young anglers who can just flat out catch them, so perhaps age isn't the defining factor.  With that ability though, is a since passion for the sport and the call to action to be responsible stewards of their resource.  This, I tell you, is special.

And this, is the provenance of our cinematic series, "For Love of the Game" and this is why we wanted to do a series that isn't about selling fishing tackle, but about capturing the passion in anglers and letting you into their lives a little bit.  We have a belief that there are hoards of responsible fishermen out there who have a never ending passion for fishing and we aspire to share their stories with you through this series.

This has very little to do with Wyze Guyz Tackle or catching fish for that matter and EVERYTHING about the individuals we choose to feature. We have all walks of life lined up....professional tournament fishermen, captains, security guards, boat detailers, fitness name it, they come from all walks of life and you are going to meet them through this series. They don't have to have the latest and greatest tackle, the fancy boats and trucks....just the passion.

The common denominator?  They ALL have a sincere passion for this sport of fishing, are all outstanding men and women and all have no personal agenda.....just the fish and the love of the game.





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