The Impact of Major League Fishing on Professional Fishing

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The last few weeks have been quite exciting the last few weeks in the professional bass fishing world. Major League Fishing introducing the much talked about Bass Pro Tour creating a huge shift of talent from the FLW Tour and B.A.S.S. Elite Series. As of this writing, some 50 pros have already committed to fish the newly formed Bass Pro Tour and our friends at Wired2Fish have been keeping a running list of who is going where next season and you can view that list here.


With such change, comes much debate about what is best for the industry and passionate bass fishing fans across our great country are certainly voicing their opinions, so we at Wyze Guyz Tackle would like to offer ours.


To us, it is quite simple. First and foremost, never spite a man for bettering himself.


Everyone has the right to better themselves, whether society believes that is a good move or not. Major League Fishing is changing the sport in offering professional bass fishermen the ability to be just that, professional. In that, their entry fees are paid for and their expenses have been dramatically reduced. The days of “pay to play” bass tournaments may be coming to an end, as the elite professional bass fishing anglers have banded together to offer another bass tournament circuit that nearly eliminates the out of pocket expense so many anglers face these days.


Back in 2009 Major League Fishing presented bass fishing fans a unique television show tournament format that included surprise venues, no practice days, real time leader board in each boat and no limits on the number of fish weighed due to their weigh and release format. It sure made some waves and spawned the creation of the recently announced Bass Pro Tour.


In recent weeks, former Bassmaster Classic Champions, past Angler of the Years and top FLW Tour and B.A.S.S. Elite Series pros have made their decisions on what tour they will fish next year as the addition of Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour now creates 3 different professional bass fishing tours. Those individuals invited were also quite creative in choosing how to announce their decisions, with Seth Fieder’s announcement being our personal favorite here at Wyze Guyz Tackle. Check it out here for a laugh.


As for us at Wyze Guyz Tackle, we support Major League Fishing, Bassmaster and FLW Fishing and have many friends throughout each organization, but posed the question, “If you had to choose one to fish personally given the current changes in the industry, which would you choose?”. For us, it would be B.A.S.S. Bassmaster Elite Series. With all due respect to MLF and FLW, we are bit of traditionalists and the fact that they have been in the game for 50 years, pioneered professional and recreational bass fishing, along with providing the “Super Bowl of Bass Fishing”, the Bassmaster Classic, B.A.S.S. would be our choice.


Not one single event in professional bass fishing compares to the Bassmaster Classic. None. The takeoffs open to the public, the expo, the way it takes over a city, the pageantry, the confetti, the American flag in the famed boat ride around the arena and the image of the champion hoisting that trophy over their head, well, just is historic to us and probably every bass fisherman’s pinnacle of success.


This is America and its good to have choices and opinions, but lets support all 3 of these organizations going forward as everyone has the same goal in mind, to grow our sport.

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