• $4.99

Our Bambino paddletail swimbait measures in at just under 4 inches long and has an incredible tail action that allows it to always be moving, even on the drop!  Equally at home in the fresh and salt. 

  • FFS anglers will love it for their forward-facing sonar situations, yet it can be rigged on a jig head, Texas rigged, on an umbrella rig or use it as your new favorite trailer on your swim jigs and chatterbaits.  
  • Saltwater anglers will find that the Bambino catches anything that swims when rigged on a 1/8 or 1/4 oz jig head. 
  • Infused with our “Gabagool Sauce” and our high salt density design. 
  • 3.75”, 12 per pack or 50 Pack